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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


source - souravganguly.net

Nobody is a born captain. Most of the time, I have gone on instinct.

- When his captaincy was criticized.

I know what I am. People can label me as they like but it upsets me to hear the word arrogant being used against me. I am not arrogant. Not at all.

- On being called arrogant.

He’s a champion at everything. I really admire him. I am very impressed with the way he approaches life.

- On Rahul Dravid.

The thing I like most about Sachin is his intensity. After being in the game for so long, he still has the same desire to do well for India in any international match. I tell you what, this man is a legend.

- On Sachin Tendulkar.

I am not surprised.

- On Sachin Tendulkar getting 10,000 ODI runs.

Now I was not only the Prince of Calcutta, but I was the monarch of Indian Cricket. I could not comprehend the feelings and emotions that were rising inside me.

- On being appointed captain.

I am here to win games not popularity contests.

- On being criticized by the English media while touring England in July 2002.

I see things differently after Sana’s birth. An event like this changes everybody and it has changed me too. I have become more mature.

- On the birth of his daughter, Sana.

We went around for a long time. She is a lovely person and now we are married and blessed with a beautiful daughter, Sana. She is a terrific woman and has adjusted to our joint family so well that she does not even have time for me! So it’s all happy on this front. "

- About his wife, Dona.

We obviously don't get support from outside, so we support each other and will continue to do so whatever happens in the rest of the tournament.

- On why the ‘huddle’ was invented during the World Cup.

After all the rubbish that was published in the media, I thought it was all over. It hurt very badly.

- Reflecting back on the disastrous Australian Tour in 1992 where media was full of stories on his attitude problems.

I enjoy captaincy. A Captain has to take the responsibility of guarding the interest of his players.

- After being named Captain of the Indian cricket team.

I have scored centuries in matches where Shoaib has bowled and to hear that I'm uncomfortable against him is rather surprising.

- Denying observations that he cannot face Shoaib Akhtar.

Every individual needs to be handled differently. One person might need a pat on the back. Another, an arm around the shoulder. But to seniors like Azhar, Sachin, Ajay, Anil and Javagal, a quiet word would do.

- On how he handles his superstar teammates

There have been angry reactions back home and that is understandable because of our poor showing against Australia. But true supporters are this who not only jump up with the team’s victory but also stand by the team in times of defeats. I was shocked and disappointed to hear what the families of Dravid and Kaif have gone through.

- About the reaction of angry fans back home after India lost badly to Australia in the early stages of the 2003 World Cup.

One off day shattered our World Cup dream.

- After India got thrashed in the 2003 World Cup Final against Australia.

I am very hard on people on the field. But once we are off it, I forget the whole issue and don’t bring it up.

- On how he is as a captain.

Blood came out like water as soon as the gauze was removed. This is life.

- Talks about the boil on his thigh that forced him to miss the Mohali Test in October 2003.

In no other country is a team written off even before its departure.

- Slams the Indian critics who predicted that India would be thrashed by the home team when they toured Australia in December 2003.

I believe in my ability to score runs and that is what I look to do. It happens sometimes that people get after you. But you have to take in your stride. It’s a professional sport so one has to go ahead.

- After he scored a ton against Australia at Brisbane and proved all his detractors wrong.

We know, and they know, that we can beat them.

- said a rather cocky Sourav after beating Australia.

That's in the past now. We mature as time goes on and I've been captain for three years now, so you start realising things and go ahead.

- Sourav plays down his gamesmanship which got him on the wrong side of Steve Waugh during the 2001 series in India.

You’ve all seen it on TV. We all know the truth don’t we?

- Commenting on a beamer from Shoaib Akhtar during India’s tour of Pakistan in March 2004.

I am a big fan of Kaif. He bats at no. 7, the most difficult position in one-day cricket and he keeps coming up with knocks like this one.

- He said of Kaif after the ecstatic victory in the 4th ODI in Lahore in the Samsung Cup 2004 that kept India in the series.

We will try and pull the chain and stop the train midway!

- When asked how his team plan to counter Shoaib Akhtar, known as the Rawalpindi Express.

To be honest I do not believe in sitting back and taking things which are not right. If it is right, I am up to it, I listen to you, and try to rectify. But if you are not, I am not a sort of person to sit back and listen.

- Ganguly told PTI in an exclusive interview.

I was probably the most loved man when we beat Australia in a Test series a few years back. But I am often the most hated man in India.

- Sourav said about fans in India and their angry reactions when the Team India loses.

(Smiles)... Doesn't make me a rebel.

- On marrying Dona against the wishes of his family.

Don't stand under the sun waiting for me. I am not going to say anything.

- Sourav refuses to comment on his exclusion in October 2005.

I told my boys that I have kept my record of losing finals intact.

- Sourav Ganguly lets out a wry smile after East Zone lose in the Duleep Trophy final.

Whatever is appearing in the media claiming he has attitude problems and doesn't have good relations with his colleagues is all rubbish. I myself talked to the senior players and there was not a single complaint against Sourav.

- BCCI President Sharad Pawar rubbishes talks of Sourav being a 'demotivator'.

Lara is blessed with great ability. Both Lara and Sachin together with Gavaskar are the three legends of the game. – Sourav on Lara's record 34th Test 100.

It happens... it happens when two friends fight. I was angry, especially when it came from someone whom you knew for quite some time. You say lot of things when you are angry, but they may be or may not be from the heart. – Dada on spat with Chappell and patching up if given a chance.

Then, in the 2003 series (on India's tour to Australia), Steve (Waugh) said that let's be on time for the toss now. I said: 'If you behave, I will'. - Sourav

It's true, a lot of people said I should retire but I still feel I have it in me to play those innings again, and perhaps even better ones. Why else would I be fighting to get back into the Indian team? – Dada on whether he can return to International cricket after being dropped.

Sourav and I try to spend more time with our daughter and we are more busy in grooming her as a good human being. – Dona when asked if Sana would be a cricketer or a dancer.

God has been kind... What else can I say? Nothing would’ve happened without God... I’ve been blessed. - Sourav on his return to the Indian team in Jan 2007.

I don't feel any kind of pressure. There would be some pressure as captain but I am going as a normal player, so I am free. - Sourav before leaving for the 2007 World Cup in West Indies.

Signature By Sourav Ganguly


Nithya Rengaswamy said...

Tats a really gr8 collection of quotes from Sourav...

Anonymous said...

gr8 wat else to say abt??? surely this man is a legend

Anonymous said...

gr8 wat else to say abt??? surely this man is a legend

Karthik said...

abey... saurav finds an another saurav njoy kar..... its a gr8 collection.... ihav been one of those ugly bastards whi spoke arrogantly against him... i can say ..i am ashamed today....

sush said...

Wow........a fitting tribute to a truly great legend of the game

sreeinfo said...

really it is very good collection
i am appreciating you
my friend

Bharath Kumar said...

i have no words to describe this legend .... He s my GOD ....

aman said...

wel this ol wordz are 4m guyw ho nver been apreciatedfor what he achieve .. i hate media ... n spoeciali that grd chappel ..

sreeinfo said...

this is a little bit about our tiger
really he is the best captain in our indian cricket

hoimee said...

I have no word to say about this legend.if i say something that will too small..he is like a god...



Jabir said...

am sure...........india will miss ganguly.........!!

Anonymous said...

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