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Thursday, August 2, 2007


Flintoff ran out Anil Kumble off the fourth ball, and then dismissed last man Javagal Srinath with a perfect yorker off the next.He ran down the wicket twirling his shirt around his head in football style in celebration .

Andrew Flintoff took off his shirt to celebrate after bowling out India's last man

Fintoff is congratulated by his team-mates after the win

As England's cricketers cavorted with delight on securing their thrilling five-run win in Mumbai, SouravGanguly rose from his chair and kicked an empty water bottle away in disgust.

Andrew Flintoff leads England's celebrations after drawing the series

England's celebrations were not a happy sight for Ganguly

This is what our hero and the thn captain Sourav Ganguly felt after that defeat and the celebrations by England. He admitted in future too that this was a painful moment of his life. But this defeat made him more strong and determinant to beat England and take the revenge and he did that in Nats final.
A joyful India pose for the cameras

Here is an a part of the interview of Sourav on the very next day after the Natwest Final win.

Painful memories erased, says Ganguly

London, July 14
Indian captain Saurav Ganguly said India’s sensational two-wicket win over
England at Lord’s yesterday erased the painful memories of the one-day series against that team at home early this year.

“I have no words to explain. It has been outstanding,” said Ganguly of India’s victory after having remained literally glued to his seat throughout India’s epic run chase in the afternoon.

It was clear that not clinching the home series against England after leading 2-1 had rankled Ganguly.

For, soon after Kaif and Zaheer completed the winning run, he took off his shirt in the manner Andrew Flintoff had done in Mumbai as England won the nerve-wrecker of a match in the final encounter.

Ganguly admitted what happened that January evening was a painful moment for him as an Indian captain.

He also said the Lord’s win maintained the team’s unbeaten record in a one-day series in 2002.

“We have won every series we have played this year. The word final is missing but we have won the deciders,” said Ganguly, making a reference to critics’ point that India has struggled to win finals in recent past.

This shows his agression and his will to win. He wanted to give it back to his opponents and he did that. That was really the most proud feeling for any Indian supportor.That was something which an Indian can never forget and was surely a moment of proud for us being an Indian who have the guts to reply everything back to the opposition when it comes to the nation’s pride

But its sad to see that few of our own ppl never felt proud when sourav took off his shirt after that win in Lords nd for them sourav tarnished the gentlemen game's image
for them, the game's image is more important thn the Country's image. DISGUSTING.

For me Sourav Rox and will keep rocking.



kanika said...

that was one of best wins you'd ever witness...something that would always be etched in our memories....and his shirt whirling act...showed to the world that we indians are no less than them...we too have the courage to give it back to them in their style...dada did if for india...and the whole of india was proud of that act (barring a few)...told the world that no one...absolutely no one...has the right to insult india....and if they did...then they better be ready to get it back too....

Gaurav Tomar said...

"barring a few"
but the fact is they too enjoyed the act by Sourav but now ..... the pic is changed as the team too is completely changed with some dumbo as the captain :D

Siddharth said...

Tit for Tate! Thats what Dada believed when he was the captain. I was so angry when Flintoff did what he did at Wankhede! Only Sourav knew how to reply such kiddish and unwanted display of Flintoff. Such leader can allways fulfill on your behalf the emotions you have and you feel that you are helpless!

I was big fan of his captaincy since very long, but this shirt whirling act of his and that too on the balcony of Lord's made me proud as an Indian...same feeling when we won the Kargil bettle!

Arka said...

I pity those who feel Ganguly had disgraced the Indians by waving his shirt at Lords balcony. Perhaps those dont possess any self esteem or pride for nation.

geetanjali said...

The shirt waving act at lords certainly speaks about one thing about the INDIAN LEADER...and thats his ATTITUDE.

The attitude and the approach...which defines a LEADER....a CAPTAIN.

A leader who thinks that no one has any right to insult/ridicule his side...and if one DARES to do so ...his side can reply and can give them back all the insult and humiliation.

Sourav revolutionalised INDIAN CAPTAINCY by showing such aggression and such courage that no Captain from any Asian country ever did.

At that point of time...almost every Indian felt proud and enjoyed his shirt waving act.......but then there were certain preacher of restraint who thought it to be against the Gentlemen's game.

Whatever Sourav did was absolutely fantastic..and one n only SOURAV GANGULY COULD DO IT......a person who never cared for his image among the masses and the so called cricket pundits...but always cared for TEAM INDIA.

Deepak said...

As England's cricketers cavorted with delight on securing their thrilling five-run win in Mumbai, SouravGanguly rose from his chair and kicked an empty water bottle away in disgust.

This shows his frustration and the lust for win...
and it was a sweet revenge taken ulitmately and that too in flintoff's bowling.
with due respect to yuvi and kaif but it was all started by dada on the natwest series final...it was because of the start given him the latform was laid for both the youngsters to perform.
dada injected aggression into the team..the winning spirit was seen in each and every player..not like now where the captain itself has dropping shoulders

Muralidharan said...

How can one forget that Natwest final win and DADA's shirt whirling incident...That was one of the defining moments of Indian cricket...DADA made everyone proud and proved that such nice things doesnt happen only in the Bollywood flicks..

Also, one more thrilling moment was when DADA rushed to the ground and literally climbed on Kaif...

Good compilation, Gaurav...I knew very few details abut that Flintoff's act but was nice to get to know whatz what....

Arnab said...

bad memories erased..i feel they were erased in some style!
there hasnt been a single moment in dada's career where he came out or the resultant was in some loss for dada...after the series against england...it was freedy with his shirt whirling fanatic show..nd dada picking the pepsi bottle that was lying in the field...at tht "moment" dada nd his team came out in loss..but soon they went 2 england...nd dada with a "will" to give their same medicine back to them in there own style...nd it would be more hurting..coz it would be a series won rather than draw...even tho team mates declined for shirt wave joy..dada went on with it...nd the insult was more than the loss for english men...dada has indeed proved time and again.."DONT YOU DARE MESS WITH ME OR WITH MY TEAM...OR IF YOU DO SO...THEN GET READY FOR A TASTE OF UR OWN MEDICINE SOON"..it has been done 2 aussies as well in the border gavaskar trophy...."CHIN MUSIC" is what the aussies called..nd dada again lead by example and those "CHIN MUSIC" was turned into "ROSOGULLAS" for indian :))...nd what i feel is that lifted the team nd draw level that series...infact we shld ave won it..but courtesy poor keeping of parthiv x-(

world cup 2003!...this time dada gave it back 2 our very own janta who burned the posters of the team..nd the team was dead nd buried...but was again dada's inspiration nd dedication to fight till death!..never say die attitude gave us a vistory against zom nd eng..nd lead us 2 WC finals...nd dada gave a very senti nd emotion comment after the win against zim..." WE DONT AVE NE SUPPORT BACK HOME..SO WE AVE 2 SUPPORT OURSELVES";)..bingo!...a tight slap to the indain janta...

srinivas said...

ganguly is the one and only captain that who has taken the indian team to a respectable place in world cricket

srinivas said...

he is a leader

Antony Lawrence Rajan said...

Ganguly is a Great Captain, Great Man. I miss him very much... Dada you always rockz.... all indians are with you and especially me... INDIA rocks....

Unknown said...

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