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Friday, August 3, 2007


Year 1996.
After Navjot Singh Sidhu, players like V Rathour, S Somasunder, A. jadeja and Nayan Mongia were tried as the partners of Sachin Tendulkar for the opening slot in ODIs. India was facing an accute shortage of a good opener at that time.
Then came Sourav Ganguly, who was dropped from the team after giving only a chance to him in 1992 and was accused for many non cricketing stuffs. A half century in his very first ODI match as an opener provided India the man they were searching for. Sachin and Sourav as openers proved themselves to best opening partners in the world. Later one was called THE GOD OF THE CRICKET and another THE GOD OF THE OFFSIDE. This left hand right hand combination was among the deadliest combos in the World Cricket and was no doubt the fear factor for World's any bowling line up. They were truly the "AWESOME TWOSOME" and are now again back to the business together on opening slot after Virender Sehwag being dropped from the side. A partnership that began its golden journey in late 1996 became undoubtedly the best opening pair in the history of World Cricket that spans over three decades.
Sourav along with Sachin took India from a shortage to records. A guy who once was neglected by the selectors became the savior of the Indian Cricket when India was really struggling with the shortage of an ODI opener.

Year 2000.
India lost five tests in a row under Sachin ( 3 in Australia against Aussies and 2 in India against
RSA ). Sachin stepped down from the captainship. Media reported the groupism in the Indian Team with many senior players in the team. Again a LEADER was needed to set all these problems.
Then again came Sourav Ganguly. He was elected as the Indian Captain to succeed Sachin Tendulkar when he stepped down from the captainship. Sourav played with three ex captains (Azahar, Jadeja and Sachin) and the reportedly called South Lobby (Srinath, Venkatesh and Kumble) under him but he managed it all beautifully well and won the ODI series against RSA by 3-2.
But this was not the end for the problems in Indian Cricket. The match fixing scandal thrashed Indian Cricket into pieces and India had to lose many senior players. Kapil too left the post of coach after the scandal.
Again India was in a big trouble and after the loss of many senior players, all the responsibility to build a completely new team was on the shoulders of Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly.
Then again with the kiwi coach John Wright, Sourav rebuilt the indian cricket team and changed it into TEAM INDIA which was known for its never say die and always fighting attitude. Sourav fought with selectors for youngsters like Yuvi, Bhajji and Veeru for their positions in the team. Sourav lead this TEAM INDIA to the finals of two ICC Championships and then finally to the WORLD CUP-2003 finals.Again it was Sourav who as captain became the savior of Indian Cricket and took the team from lows to great heights. Many of the cricket experts declared the team lead by Sourav (THE TEAM INDIA) as the best ever Indian Cricket Team.

Year 2006.
Sourav was not in the team as he was again dropped accusing him for a lot of non cricketing stuffs like his policy to "divide n rule".
The young Indian team set a record of continuous 17 wins chasing the target. Everybody forgot Sourav at that time as the team was doing great. But again most of those wins were in Indian Subcontinent. But true picture of the Indian Cricket Team became clear when they had to play outside the subcontinent. Continuous defeats in WI, DLF Cup, ICC Championship in home and then in South Africa. Again Indian Cricket needed someone to save them and then again Sourav was called back. And as a result India again started winning and Sourav became the scriptor of most of the wins. They won test in RSA, won ODI series aginst WI and SL, WC was an exception but sourav performed there too, and now again the test win in England.
Sourav became the savior for the Indian Cricket Team.
He was insulted again and again by the cricket board, was dropped again and again accusing him of many non cricketing stuffs but still it was always Sourav Ganguly who brought the glories to Indian Cricket everytime. He repeated the history everytime. Few people call him the good luck for the team. Whatever it may be but he truly is the SAVIOR OF THE INDIAN CRICKET.

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kanika said...

"He was insulted again and again by the cricket board, was dropped again and again accusing him of many non cricketing stuffs but still it was always Sourav Ganguly who brought the glories to Indian Cricket everytime. He repeated the history everytime."

about time india as a country...the indian people...and the indian board recognize his contributions...and acknowledge what he has done for the country...whenever TEAM INDIA has been in trouble he has put his hand up and has taken charge of things...has been a true savior...indians and indian cricket would always be thankful to this amazing BATSMAN...amazing CRICKETER....amazing LEADER...amazing ROLE MODEL...and an absolutely amazing PATRIOT

Anonymous said...

Sourav rebuilt the indian cricket team and changed it into TEAM INDIA. These golden words says it all! It needs a charector to build something on nothing. The body language suddenly looked totally diff. That SAF series, his first ODI at Kochi I think first time we Chased 300+ I think, the hero may be Robin Singh, but before that we were used to loose the game when we see 300+ score on the board. First time ever we chased 300+ at Dhaka and Sourav made a century, isnt that a nice co-incident? So the sign was omious for the rest of the world. Then came the ultimate runchase at Lord's and at Ahmedabad, when we chased 320 odd both the times.So injecting the winning habit is different then waiting for it!

Gaurav Tomar said...

the above post is by our very own Gujju Dada aka Siddhart (if i named it correctly) :P

Arka said...

Why the 2nd person to comment is anonymous? Why he is afraid to speak the truth publicly?

Gaurav Tomar said...

may be coz he forgot to write his name :P ... but hes gujju dada

vibhas said...

amazing article..........gt , u have done fantastic work.....let angel read this.....

Sreejith said...

Whatever it may be but he truly is the SAVIOR OF THE INDIAN CRICKET.

Instead of this if u dont mind make it MAN WITH GOLDEN ARMS..

Arnab said...

so, it shows whenever indian cricket team team has been in any sort of trouble...its been SG who has come to rescue for the team...in 1996 test series..after sidhu arhaz spat...SG was the man who came 2 rescue with his two gorgeous tons..saving indian cricket from a huge embarrassment..nd moreover it was his 1st two test matches...again in 2000..when handed the captaincy...more severe troubles erupted with this match fixing scandal nd all the seniors were throw out of the team that time..nd we had a team with more than half the players with a experience of less than 10 matches played...nd who was the man stood up that time was our very own saurav ganguly..with his unforgettable knocks in ICC trophy 2000..CAPTAIN LEADING BY EXAMPLE!..he groomed all the youngsters like zaheer, yuvi, bhajji, sehwag even players like balaji and nehra...it was sehwag who picked 2 wickets in the last match against zim in 5 odi series...nd it was a won series nd players were given practice...but seeing those performance by sehwag nd also by sriram..dada said "WE SHLD PERSIST WITH BOYS LIKE SEHWAG ND SRIRAM"..nd then came the aus series..where sehwag took 3 wickets nd 50 odd runs...but after that he had a torid time with 15 odd knocks with an avg of arnd 15 or less...but was still persisted by our own dada..nd then emerges that great knock of his of 100 in 65 odd balls..EMERGING ANOTHER PLAYER!..this is what dada is meant as a captain..CONFIDENCE...BELIEVE IN HIS TEAM MATES..then came the great 2006 come back..where he silenced all his critics with his bat this time who said dada is over...nd today he is the leading run scorer for india in odi!

so..dada THE SAVIOR MAN OF INDIAN CRICKET TEAM..he has always been wheneva the team has been in any sort of crisis..it was dada who came from the phoenix...nd save indian cricket each nd everytime...and his aggression has been an inspiration for many..nd also for ppl to come in the near future...DADA WILL LEAVE INDIAN CRICKET ON A HIGH!..ALL THE BEST TO YOU DADA...UR THE BEST.ND WILL REMAIN THE BEST..UR IDOL FOR MANY..BUT UR MY INSPIRATION...THANKS DADA FOR EVERYTHING THAT U AVE PROVIDED US FOR THE PAST DECADE!

aishwarya said...

He was the only man in Indian cricket who used to speak his mind out!
Hats off to him!

abhishek said...

hi brother ...........you are right sourav is always a saviour for indian cricket.......he is undoughtablly the maharaja of the indian cricket .....great job men....you are one among the great fan of sourav...hats of to you ........Abhishek Sharma.

Anonymous said...

trully a great person he is !! wat a man !! i have oly 2 rolemodels in my life and they are dada and thala ajith

Anjana said...

Whoever be the Indian captain 2morrow,that will be only in the papers of BCCI.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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