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Thursday, August 2, 2007


This is a compilation of 2 old articles when we really got to see the agression by this Indian Captain, Our Hero - SOURAV GANGULY. He showed the wrold that an Indian too can be agressive when needed and can reply the oppositions in their language. Here are the articles related to his clash with Steve Waugh.
Source - bbc sports.

Article - 1

Monday, 2 April, 2001, 11:26 GMT 12:26 UK
Ganguly winds up Waugh

Sourav Ganguly exchanges views with Australia's captain
Flashpoint: Ganguly dismisses Waugh at Indore
BBC Sport Online reflects a growing animosity between Australian skipper Steve Waugh and India's Sourav Ganguly.

On the face of it, Steve Waugh is not the type of man with whom to pick an argument.

Perhaps the most committed cricketer on the planet, his approach has rubbed off on his teammates and helped make Australia the dominant force of the modern era.

Although respectful of the game's traditions, he is no stranger to the not so noble art of sledging.

But a Test batting average of over 50 and a willingness to exert every last drop of energy on his team's behalf have won him admirers all over the cricket world.

Waugh has a compassionate side - to the children of the Udayan home in Calcutta he is a hero for his fund-raising efforts on their behalf.

Late arrival

Australian captain Steve Waugh
Waugh: Test defeat left sour taste

It is a different story, however, when he crosses the boundary ropes.

A 2-1 defeat in the Test series in India - after a run of 16 successive victories - has been hard to stomach for the Aussies.

And relations between Waugh and home skipper Sourav Ganguly have now taken a turn for the worse.

Waugh has accused his opposite number of deliberately turning up late for the toss throughout the Test and one-day series.

"There's so much to do in the mornings, knocking up, talking to the selectors, that I may have been late by a few minutes," Ganguly responded.

But Waugh was even more incensed at Indore after an incident in which, he claims, Ganguly tried to claim the coin had come down in his favour, when it had not in fact done so.


We're ahead in the series and intend staying there
Sourav Ganguly

Ganguly insists he simply bent over the coin to see which side was uppermost and could not tell whether it was heads or tails.

"I could not be bothered what Waugh says. I am within my rights to seek a clarification from the match referee," he said.

Indian newspaper The Hindu believes, however, Ganguly has decided to give Australia a taste of their own medicine.

His approach is understandable if, as has been claimed, he has been subjected to 'verbals' by the Australian fielders whenever he has been at the crease.

Ganguly's reaction when he dismissed Waugh at Indore suggested that their rivalry has now become personal.

One thing is certain - Waugh will not back down from a challenge.

And like elephants, Aussies do not forget.

Article - 2

Ganguly: Aussies acted like schoolboys
Steve Waugh and Sourav Ganguly
Even the toss caused controversy
Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has accused the departing Australian team of childishness.

Despite captaining the side that ended Australia's record breaking unbeaten Test run, Ganguly is apparently still seething with bitterness.

"It just puts me off, they are complaining just about anything and everything," the Sunday Age newspaper quoted Ganguly as saying of the visitors.

They are supposed to be a good team but to see them complaining every time is just schoolboy stuff
Sourav Ganguly

"They are supposed to be a good team but to see them complaining every time is just schoolboy stuff.

"There seemed to be just too much of it, which started right from the beginning of the series."

Opposite number SteveWaugh targeted Ganguly even before Australia arrived for their three-test tour.

Waugh expressed concern Ganguly would receive specially-prepared pitches to suit his side as the world champion Australians attempted to win their first series in India in 31 years.

India ended Australia's world-record winning streak of 16 matches in the second test and won the series 2-1 before Australia salvaged some pride by claiming the limited overs series 3-2.

Waugh complained late in the tour that Ganguly had arrived late for the toss "seven times" and that Ganguly even once tried to wrongly claim he had won the toss before the match referee intervened.

He is a very seasoned pro and knows the business of cricket inside out
Ganguly on Steve Waugh

Ganguly averaged under 20 with the bat in the limited overs and test series as Waugh's men made their dislike for Ganguly obvious whenever he strode to the crease.

"He is a very seasoned pro and knows the business of cricket inside out," Ganguly said.

"He may have realised here that there are others who can play the same mental game," added Ganguly.

"I don't know and do not care whether he respects me or not. But I have a lot of respect for captains and players around the world.

"There were some words exchanged on the field, but that happens in the heat of battle. Also, we proved that they are not unbeatable."

Waugh said: "We got along reasonably well in the end. It's no good airing dirty laundry in public."

The Australian players arrive back home on Monday.


kanika said...

hahaha...did he get on the nerves of the aussies or what....if u r on the aussie hate list that means u r awesome...and DADA topped that list...tells a lot about how he gave them a taste of their own medicine...only and only DADA could have done something like that....

sir yo yo said...

dada rocks

geetanjali said...

In the words of Sourav Ganguly

"He may have realised here that there are others who can play the same mental game".

It clearly shows whatever and however he behaved with the Ausies was deleberately done...And were tactics to disturb them mentally.

Sourav proved himself to b a skipper at par with the Ausie skipper by giving them back the
taste of their own medicine.:P]

"I don't know and do not care whether he respects me or not"

These words are again showing the ATTITUDE of the leader who thought about his team and never about his own reputation.

" Also, we proved that they are not unbeatable."

This is the self belief and confidence that he had in his side And he proved it to the world and the Ausies that INDIANS CAN BEAT THE TOPGUNS OF CRICKET......WHICH NO OTHER TEAM EVER THOUGHT OF AT THAT TIME.

Muralidharan said...


This shows the aggressiveness of a man who wanted to take Team India to new levels and this attitude has won us the Test series for us...

if u comment like "we can win them 99% times, but this can be anybody's game"(u know who did)..then even BD will beat us..

He may have realised here that there are others who can play the same mental game

This summarises the whole incident. And DADA didnt apologise or claim it as accidental....He wanted to show them that never mess up with him & Team India...Shows the mettle DADA is made of...

And like elephants, Aussies do not forget.

So, Was GC on a mission?????

Arnab said...

this is what aggression means..not the chimpanzee show by sreesanth nd going for plenty..
this is exactly how the aussies should be replied back for their act...nd dada had a upper hand against the aussies coz of tht...it was said..if there is ne team that could challenge australia..it was ONLY INDIA!..and thanks 2 dada 4 that...he is a sacrificer!

chetna gupta said...

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